Be True to Your Skin

Be True to Your Skin

Friday, August 8, 2014

Giddy with Excitement....True Skin now offers EndyMed Pro 3 Deep Skin Tightening and Body Contouring.

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to tighten and tone your skin....Look no further.

True Skin is now offering an exciting, state of the art system.  EndyMed Pro 3Deep.  We know you have heard so many things that claim to tighten and tone the face and body, but none, I repeat, none, are as aggressive as the 3 Deep system.

As always, we are dedicated to keeping our prices low, while using the most effective equipment and services.  We are thrilled to have this system.  Go to our website for specials, details and before and after photos.  Don't wait.  Call today for more information.  215-410-0636

What is 3DEEP Advanced Skin Tightening?

Endymed Pro RF 3DEEP is a new, non-invasive face lift and skin tightening treatment that utilizes radio frequency technology to treat problem areas with no downtime. While this may sound similar to other radio frequency treatments, 3DEEP has perfected a new method for applying the energy to the skin. The device uses sophisticated technology that controls the divergence of energy, directing the radio frequency waves through the epidermis and forcing them down a longer, deeper route, resulting in collagen remodeling and volumetric tightening. Basically, by delivering energy to the deepest layers of skin, the 3DEEP stimulates new collagen production and improves skin surface texture.
During the procedure, the hand piece is placed on the skin’s surface and gently massaged over the treatment area in a circular motion. The area slowly warms as energy is delivered into the skin. Many patients have described it as a warm massage and say it is an extremely relaxing treatment. Usually patients receive 4 treatments performed at 1 week intervals, and then have 2 additional treatments at 2 week intervals. Physicians encourage a follow-up about 3 months after the last session.

What Makes 3DEEP Stand Out?

When compared to previous radio frequency products, the 3DEEP penetrates deeper into the skin without causing any extra pain. Other RF technologies can be uncomfortable and have painful side effects. Some other treatments have been known to overheat the skin’s surface, resulting in burns. The 3DEEP ensures concentrated energy and effective depth control so burns and intense heat aren’t a problem. The physician has complete control of the device and can adjust the parameters in real time, so patients receive consistent, accurate results. Also, the Endymed Pro RF 3DEEP is said to be safe for all skin types, so everyone can take advantage of this advanced treatment.

As one of the most advanced products on the market today, the 3DEEP even has capabilities that allow it to conform to each person’s body area and skin characteristics. This means that the direct flow of energy can be adjusted at any time during the treatment to make sure that it is treating the skin efficiently and safely. And safety is a top priority with the 3DEEP advanced skin tightening treatment, which is why the device features a tissue contact sensor and motion sensor so that a pulse is emitted only if the device is in direct contact with the skin. It also has safety indicators on the screen so it can be monitored the whole time. And since there is minimal surface energy, there is no need for a cooling system to implemented.