Be True to Your Skin

Be True to Your Skin

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look Skintastic Every Day

At True Skin we want your skin to always look like you just stepped out of our spa.  So the following are a few tips to keep your skin looking glowing and smooth.

1. Cleansing:  Be sure to always clean your skin twice a day.  This will decrease breakouts and keep your pours fresh and clean

2. Exfoliating:  Removing dead skin cells is key to beautiful skin.  Your skin will look and feel smoother and your products will penetrate deeper, giving you better results.

3. Mask:  Once a week.  Depending on your skin type, you will need a great moisturizing mask, or detoxifying mask.  Hylunia offers excellent masks that are affordable and perfect for all skin types.

4. Hydrate:  Not only with the correct moisturizer for you skin, but also with water.  Great skin starts with great nutrition!!  Drink at least 60oz of water a day to help strengthen and moisturize your skin, naturally.

5. Lips: Remember your lips when taking care of your skin.  Using a natural lip balm with SPF will leave your lips looking healthy and moist.  Forgetting to take care of your lips is like forgetting to put mascara's a MUST!!!

Apply these tips to your everyday routine and see great results.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Your Type?

What is your skin type?  If you didn't answer that question within 5 seconds of reading it, you may be using the wrong products for your skin type.  One of the great benefits of True Skin, is the education.  Knowledge is power and when we empower our clients with the correct information for their skin type, we know they will have the best results.  Coming to us for their skin care needs is a must, but knowing how to take care of their skin between visits is essential to achieving great looking skin.

Here are some quick ways to determine you specific skin type.

Dry Skin:  You tend to have smaller pores, thinner skin, you are more prone to wrinkles and fine lines.
Good News: You have few breakouts
Bad News: You age easier (so knowing the correct products to use is key)

Oily Skin:  You have larger pores, appears and feels "greasy", have thicker skin, at times unpredictable.
Good News: You age slower, and have fewer fine lines and wrinkles.
Bad News: You are prone to acne breakouts.

Normal Skin: Generally you have good circulation, even tone and texture. Your skin looks and feels healthy.
Good News: You have glowing skin that is easy to maintain.
Bad News: You could have an occasional breakout, but they are few and far between.

Combination Skin:  You have both dry and oily skin patches, your dry patches may be around the eyes and on the cheeks, your oily areas tend to be in the T-zone.
Good News: With proper products, you can achieve a healthy glowing complextion.
Bad News: Different areas of your face will require different products. 

Sensitive Skin: You tend to have dry skin which feels tight and rough.  Your skin becomes red and inflamed easily.   You may feel itchy and tingly and break out in red spots or rashes.
Bad News: This is the most difficult type of skin and it require a lot of care with the correct products.
Good News: It can easily be calmed with the correct products and treatments.

Now that you know more about the different skin types, decide which best describes your skin and keep that in mind when deciding on a home care regiment.  Remember, regular facials are a crucial part of  great looking skin!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Skin Doesn't Have to Break the Bank!

We opened the doors of True Skin, January 11, 2010!  It's been a great year so far and we are excited about the future. 

Our concept was based on giving people what they want for a price they can afford.  You DON'T have to pay $90-$140 for a facial.  At True Skin we believe skin care is about maintenance and education without taking away any of the luxury.  We take the time to talk with our clients and educate them on what products and services will give them the best results.  We offer many different ways to keep skin care affordable. 

STOP and THINK:  Do you change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles?  Do you go to the dentist two times a year?  Do you get  a yearly physical?  How often do you go to the gym?  Why are we so busy taking care of all these things, however, we continue to neglect the largest organ of  the human body...our skin.  Our cars should not come before ourselves. 

So I challenge you.  Make an effort today to be TRUE to your SKIN! 
Email us with any questions.